Sell your loans to Fannie Mae and the Mortgage Servicing Rights to PHH Mortgage concurrently with Fannie Mae’s Servicing Marketplace (SMP).

Once activated, you’ll gain access to Fannie Mae’s Seller Marketplace where you can request a partnership with PHH Mortgage. Working within the SMP structure allows for increased transparency and operational efficiency through an easy-to-use interface. Working with PHH Mortgage means competitive pricing, seamless transfers, and flexible purchasing options.

Additional Benefits of Choosing PHH


No Minimum Delivery Requirements

Unlike many of the other servicing buyers on the SMP, PHH has no minimum delivery requirements.


Dedicated SMP Client Team

Your team at PHH will be a valuable asset throughout the selling process, providing intrinsic support and guidance.


Live SRP Grid utilizing SMP rate sheet format

Lock in servicing release premium (SRP) at the time of commitment. 


All-in Funding

All-in funding for the loan and servicing asset at the same time!


Seller Setup and Delivery

  • After you request to partner with PHH Mortgage within the SMP site, a  Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) will need to be executed. Your PHH Account Manager will set up a call to review the program with you.
  • Follow the PHH Servicing Transfer Instructions and Final Document Checklist
  • PHH Mortgage will then send you an invitation to the Box, the preferred method for delivering images and supplemental loan data. Review the Box Guide to learn more about Box, file type guidelines, and the required documents you will need to provide.
  • Sellers will need to complete a Supplemental Loan Boarding file and provide the necessary information in a .CSV format.  The document should be sent to PHH through Box.  Please review the Data Dictionary before completing the Supplemental Loan Boarding file. 
  • For additional information regarding the program please send your questions to: 

Learn more about how co-issue with PHH Mortgage can benefit you! Please email to request more information or connect with PHH on the FNMA Servicing Marketplace.