Get to Know PHH

Schedule a time to talk with the PHH Subservicing Team to learn how PHH, and our award-winning servicing, can help you! Email today to set up a meeting. 

Subservicing can help you reduce costs, shorten delinquency timelines, manage compliance and increase portfolio performance.

PHH Mortgage has been recognized for servicing excellence from the GSEs over consecutive years. For 2023, we have been named as a Fannie Mae’s STARTM performer for General Servicing and Solution Delivery, received HUD’s Tier 1 servicer ranking, and been recognized by the Freddie Mac’s SHARPSM program for subservicing. 

Now is the time to consider a subservicer and PHH should be your only consideration. Here’s why:

Best in Class Servicing Metrics

PHH offers borrowers unmatched customer service, including a speed of answer rate of 2-3x faster than the industry average.

Best at Managing Delinquency Timelines

PHH is 12 months faster than the entire industry in 30+ DQ to REO and outperforms the industry in curing 60+ delinquent loans by 15%

Investor Portal

Executive dashboards and on-demand reporting tools provide our clients with subservicing and regulatory performance data, as well as portfolio trends. 

Full End-to-End Recapture Program

Protect runoff with a dedicated recapture unit that can help drive new refi leads so you can expand origination capacity.



Additional Benfits of Choosing PHH


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    Exceptional Customer Service: Client managers are required to respond to each client inquiry within 24 hours leading to a substantial reduction in customer complaints. A recent client saw a 70% reduction in complaints in the first 6 months after switching to PHH.
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    Smart Technology: An online borrower portal and mobile app allow customers to easily self-service their loans by making payments, seeing loan details and setting up financial goals.
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    Competitive Pricing: On average, PHH is able to save clients who transfer their portfolios 25% in service fees. For one recent client that totaled nearly $1.5M in just 12 months.
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    We Help Grow Your Portfolio: Looking to expand your portfolio to include HECMs, HELOCs, and/or fix and flip lending? PHH is the only large scale, full service end-to-end provider for reverse subservicing in the industry, we have a long history of subservicing HELOCs, and in addition to servicing various types of loans, we can also handle the draws.